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VIP visit to SUNplicity by Luther Krueger, the world’s leading solar cooking specialist

Luther Krueger is the founder of the first Solar Cooking MUSEUM world wide: The Big Blue Sun Museum Of Solar Cooking in Minneapolis USA.

Luther Krueger rend visite à Alain Bivas pour parler de cuisine solaire

His visit represents the consecration of 30 years of work and patience for Alain Bivas. The complicity between them was immediate.

This exceptional day brought together around Alain and Luther the many actors who have had a role in the SUNplicity adventure over the years. The scientific, technical, industrial, artistic, small hands and lifelong guardian angels were there. The Braconnac team, now in charge of assembling the solar cookers, was also present. Marcel, a very creative friend carpenter, came with all his prototypes of wooden solar cookers.

It was also the occasion for a complete visit of the SUNplicity “museum”: all kinds of boxes, hinges, legs, etc… The conversations were friendly and pleasantly bubbling.

Sébastien from the blog tests solar cooking with the SUNplicity

Zoom sur le thermomètre du four solaire SUNplicity
Zoom ur le viseur horloge du barbecue solaire SUNplicity
Zoom sur les rivets métalliques du four solaire SUNplicity

The solar cooker SUNplicity gets the label Efficient Solution

Le logo Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Aout 2019

August 2019, the SUNplicity Solar Cooker is proud to get the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label.

Solar Impulse, remember, it is the solar plane built on the initiative of the Swiss Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg. Powered by 100% solar energy, it managed to complete the round-the-world trip in July 2016

The objective of the Solar Impulse Foundation is to select and promote 1000 economically viable solutions to protect the environment worldwide.

This label is awarded to innovations that combine technical feasibility criteria, positive socio-environmental impact and economic profitability.

The experts of the World Alliance selection group particularly appreciated the ecological, ethical and practical side for the users of the SUNplicity solar cooker.

Alain Bivas is now a member of the Global Alliance for his action in line with the ethical position of the Solar Impulse Foundation.

3rd International Solar Cooking Day at the foot of the Four Himalayas in Sorède 2019

Many solar cooking experts from all over Europe have come together for a giant solar feast.

SUNplicity has put the little dishes in the big ones. Naturally, all the food visible in the video is solar cooked with our SUNplicity solar cooker. 

The France 3 Tarn team came to taste Alain’s solar cooking and discover the SUNplicity

The Dépèche du midi talk about SUNplicity

Le journal d'ici parle de la cuisine solaire au SUNplicity

Article published in July 2019 in LE JOURNAL D’ICI.

SUNplicity at COP24

Un ministre du gouvernement d'Ouganda vient d’acquérir un four solaire SUNplicity.

At COP24, a Ugandan government minister has just acquired a SUNplicity from Alan Bigelow, our Solar Cooking Ambassador to the UN, and Caitlyn Hughes, President of Solar Cookers International, with the minister’s goal of using the SUNplicity Libertad to conduct demonstrations and raise awareness of solar cooking.

La Dépèche du midi remembers the Gold Medal at the Lépine competition

La Dépèche du midi se remémore la Médaille d'Or au concours Lépine  du four solaire SUNplicity

The solar cooker: “SUNplicity” is a parabolic solar cooker made of anodized aluminum mirrors. This object, created by Alain Bivas, is used outdoors to cook food in various forms, since it is possible to switch from a “barbecue” mode to grill pieces of meat to an “oven” mode for pizzas for example. With a weight of less than 3 kg and foldable in several directions, this Albigensian’s creation was awarded a gold medal at the Lépine competition in 2011.