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On January 28th 2010, SUNplicity had the honor to receive the visit of Mr. Luther Krueger, Founder of the Solar Cooking Museum in Minneapolis USA. On this occasion, France 3 Tarn made the front page of its local and national news. This specialist considers that the SUNplicity is the "most powerful portable solar oven and the most portable of the powerful".
Barbecue solaire

SUNplicity: the foldable deep parabolic solar cooker by Alain Bivas

Among the few parabolic cookers available, the deep SUNplicity is a major leap, allowing anyone to enjoy delicious solar cooking, anywhere, safely, with minimal tending and and no skills necessary. The SUNplicity solar cooker allows a wide variety of dishes and cooking style from grill to stewing or oven. veggies, chicken, sausages, quiche, bread, cakes, bbq meats, baked potatoes etc…

The cooking time takes a little longer than conventionnal cooking This enhences flavor and protects vitamins; there is no sticking or burning at the bottom of the pan.

Because the mirror remains cold at all time whatever may fall on it won’t dry or cook. This allows easy cleaning with a soft sponge.

The SUNplicity Parabolic Cooker is hand crafted in France with high quality materials, which are healthy and made to last, selected for minimal impact on the environnement.



  • With an empty pan, the temperature quickly rises to 230°C or  446°F, in less than 10 min.
  • With the deep parabola the heat is spread around and will cook without burning or sticking to the pot.
  • Add 15 min. or more per hour of usual cooking time.
  • 1 liter of water takes ½ an hour to boil.
  • For best efficiency a nice blue sky is needed.
  • As part of the cooker there is a unique target which helps you aim the cooker and estimate cooking time.


  • The mirror remains cold at all times, only the pot gets hot.
  • In case of sudden wind, the mirror can tilt, leaving the pot safely stable.
  • The bottom of the frame is designed to recieve a weight or heavy object to secure stability.
  • The cooker is designed to be managed from behind, in the shade. There is no need to look at the sun.


Le four solaire SUNplicity est fier de recevoir le label Solar Impulse Efficient Solution.

The SUNplicity parabolic solar cooker is proud to receive the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label.
The objective of the Solar Impulse Foundation is to select and promote 1000 economically viable solutions to protect the environment worldwide.
This label is awarded to innovations that combine technical feasibility criteria, positive socio-environmental impact and economic profitability.

Le logo Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Aout 2019

Visit of Mr Luther Krueger, world specialist in solar cooking.   

He came from Minnesota USA where he founded the first solar cooking museum : The Big Blue Sun Museum Of Solar Cooking. It is a living museum with a neighborhood brunch every Saturday.  

Luther considers the SUNplicity to be the most powerful and portable of the powerful solar cookers.

À la COP 24, un ministre du gouvernement d'Ouganda vient d’acquérir un four SUNplicity.

Solar Cookers International

at COP24

A Ugandan government minister has just acquired a SUNplicity from Alan Bigelow, our Solar Cooking Ambassador to the UN

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Alain Bivas, inventeur du four solaire SUNplicity


Les petits génies d’Occitanie

The solar cooker:
« SUNplicity » is a parabolic solar cooker made of anodized aluminum mirrors. This object, created by Alain Bivas, is used outdoors

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Le four solaire pliable SUNplicity dans la presse

The SUNplicity solar cooker

The revolutionary invention of Alain Bivas

Discover the principle of the folding solar deep parabbolar, a revolutionary invention for cooking any type of food with no other energy than the sun and which fits in a small case.

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Adresse du siège social de SUNplicity : Les Mordorées, 81120 Lamillarié

Contact Alain Bivas directly!


Would you like to know more about the solar cooker or buy one? Contact Alain Bivas directly!

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