The poPOP ! Foldable solar cooker.

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    The new SUNplicity poPOP! has all the advantages of the SUNplicity solar cookers, small details have been improved:

    the legs are reinforced to increase their strength and reduce their flexibility.

    The new paint (solvent free) protects and identifies the elements for easy assembly, the orange colour indicates the hot part, the green colour indicates what you touch with your bare hands.

    The green orientation rod can now be installed on either side, which prevents errors.

    Gold painted hinges indicate where to press to fold down the parabola replacing the self-adhesive plastic arrows.

    The assembly instructions have been redesigned in a new, clearer style.

    A folding dish holder is now included with the poPOP! to hold pots that are too small for the ring, or to hold large dishes that could slip out.

    A large pure cotton cloth, perfect for picking up hot dishes as well as for drying the mirror gently, replaces the tiny synthetic microfibre wipe.

    The clips have been removed as they were more troublesome than useful. A note explains how to make your own easily.


    SUNplicity’ shop

    Here you will find the SUNplicity Solar Cooker and a selected set of cooking pots.

    The SUNplicity is made in France, with the best materials by passionate craftmen and women

    The SUNplicity parabola​

    Le four solaire pliable SUNplicity dans une forêt de bambou

    Easy living, efficient and compact it will open like a flower in 1 minute, without any tools, and will fold down just as easily.


    Empty, the pot will heat up to 230°C-446F within 10 minutes on average,
    1 liter of water takes ½ an hour to boil.
    The heat well distributed is perfect for tasty cooking.
    There is no sticking at the bottom of the pot, no burning; this gives extra freedom to the cook.


    The SUNplicty solar cooker is all metallic for longer lifespan.
    Some of the aluminum comes from recycling. The SUNplicity is designed to be recycled.
    The cooking is healthy and the carbon footprint exemplary.
    One of our goals is to ban plastic.

    The making

    SUNplicity is proud of its local partenships who are all very involved.
    SUNplicity aims for sustainability and ethics, both for the environment, and for the people involved.

    Learn about our partenerships here.

    The SUNplicity pots​​

    The purple pot, which can be painted black (barbecue paint), is the original SUNplicity pot. We could say that the solar cooker has been conceived with this very pot in mind. It is very light and can be fixed to the folded cooker for easy carrying. Alain Bivas recommends this pot for stews, soups and liquids, as well as to bake cakes, bread, and why not a lamb shank etc, etc…

    The enameled steel pan is practical for pies, meat, fish, eggs… as its shape allows tilting to keep the pot level.

    Alain Bivas recommends the use of a lid. This will increase the heat and enhences the flavor. This will also make very tender moist delicious cooking.

    The glass lid gives you good view of what you are cooking. The metalic knob withstands the heat the best.

    On facebook you will find photos, videos and comments on cooking with the SUNplicity Solar Cooker from anywhere around the planet.