SUNplicity: foldable solar cooker

The SUNplicity foldable solar cooker in a bamboo forest

The SUNplicity solar cooker 2018 model

While the solar cooker is peacefuly cooking in a corner of the garden without any one paying attention, children play, adults relax in smokless clean air, while trees grow and nature rejoices . Life is easy with the SUNplicity Solar Cooker and the food even more delicious. Because of it’s own way of gathering the heat, the original tastes and smells of your ingredients are enhanced.

After having successfuly sold 200 Libertad 400 model and encouraged by the great feed-back, Alain has thouroughly revised and improved the original model to create the SUNplicity 2018 model. Although identical at first sight, this new model offers nice improvements, more simplicity for the user. The technical design is revised and is stronger. SUNplicity is proud to announce that there is now almost zero plastic.

Technical description

  • Made of steel and aluminum, the SUNplicity cooker is designed for an intensive daily use. The choice of materials has been led by high health standards and environemental concern.
  • The mirror is of the best quality available, made from very pure anodized aluminum covered with 2 nano layers. One layer increases solar reflectivity up to 90% and the other one limit scratches.
  • A precise solar target allows the user to anticipate the sun’s movement and to plan the cooking time.
  • The magnetic rod allows the mirror to be tilted back easily to tend to the food and then to be easily set up to face the sun again.
  • Installing the cooker or folding it down takes 1minute.
  • Dimensions: open: Ø = 85cm,
  • Dimensions: when folded in its casing = 55cm x 30cm x 5cm
  • Weight: 2.8 kg (6 lb.)
  • Power: 230°C-446°F average (empty); boils 1liter of water = ½ an hour
  • Capacity: for 2 or 3 people (or more if increasing cooking time accordingly)


The SUNplicity Solar Cooker is safe for people, for cooking and for the surroundings:

  • At all times the mirror remains cold, only the pot gets hot.
  • Because of its depth the focal zone remains safely deep inside the parabola, in any position.
  • This reduces greatly any blinding reflection.
  • In case of sudden wind, the parabolic mirror may tilt back, but without moving the pot.
  • It is possible to choose to interact only from the back, in the shade and not need sunglasses.
  • The base is designed to receive any kind of weight for complete stability.
  • The heat coming mostly from top and sides prevents the food from sticking to the botom of the pot. Overcooking is no longer a problem.

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The folded SUNplicity solar cooker is very compact.

Here are some of the advantages of the SUNplicity Solar Cooker:

  • The setting up/folding down only takes 1minute, no tools necessary.
  • When folded, it is held in a very compact casing-Lightweight and portable.
  • Optimum lightness for easy transport.
  • Large focus acceptance area.
  • A unique aiming solar target.
  • A magnet for the up/down setting, allowing easy tilting of the mirror while staying in the shade.
  • Secured against wind, burns, eye injury, and fires.
  • Complete cooking area, without sticking to the bottom of the pot.

Cooking with the SUNplicity enhances the flavor of all food and preserves nutriments. Oil and salt can be drastically reduced, or no longer necessary. The cooking takes a bit longer than conventionnal cooking. Add around 15 min. to ½ an hour per hour to your usual cooking time.

SUNplicity allows a wide range of cooking possibilities, from stew, to oven, to barbeque, chicken, fish, sausages, baked potatoes, quiche, veggies, cakes, bread, pie, tea and coffee etc…etc…etc…

And remember, this cooking is not only delicious it is also very healthy and does not need as much attention as conventional cooking.
If you forget and leave your cooking unattended, the sun will move and the cooking will stop by itself. (That is if the earth is flat and the sun turns around it, otherwise read «the earth will turn and the cooking will stop»).

The cleaning is simply done with a soft sponge because the cold mirror won’t cook or dry whatever may drip on it. SUNplicity uses only the best materials, healthy, respectful of the environnement and made to last over ten years.

Sustainable manufacturing

The SUNplicity solar cooker is manufactured locally, by work shops concerned with the environment and employing disabled workers.

  • La Fabriculture, the super-green workshop of Vincent Legris, inventor of the Campagnole, well known to permaculture gardeners, takes care of the delicate bending of the SUNplicity (photo on the left).
  • ESAT Les Ateliers du Vallon in Clairevaux carries out fine cutting.
  • The ESAT in Braconnac is exclusively dedicated to assembly (photo on the right).
  • Alain Bivas makes the link, closely follows the manufacturing process and takes care of the finishing touches.
Vincent Legris from La Fabriculture, partner manufacturer of the solar cooker SUNplicity.
Les ateliers de Braconnac are partners of the solar cooker SUNplicity.