The ” Eq=inox ” by SUNplicity + The pot holder


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What changes with the Eq=inox model !
The Eq=inox model has all the qualities of the previous models, but with more stainless steel components to extend its service life.
Stainless steel components include: dish hinges, feet, container support, magnetic orientation rod.

  • This model has a power of 400 watts and cooks for 2 to 3 people (or more, if you extend the time).
    Its weight = 2.8 kg.
    Dimensions: open Ø 85 cm, closed ultra flat 55 x 30 x 5 cm.
    Entirely metallic, therefore healthy and durable, for intensive daily use.
    Its mirror is of the best European quality, in pure anodized aluminum covered with 2 nano-layers of ceramic type, to reinforce the light and limit scratches.
    Its assembly or storage time = 1 minute.
    Its unique sighting system indicates the cooking time and allows you to anticipate the trajectory of the sun.
    Thanks to which, its autonomy time without necessary supervision is almost 3 hours (with a black cover).
  • The ” pot holder”
    It allows to adapt pots too small or too big for the ring.

The oven sheet remains cold, only the container heats up.
In case of wind the mirror can turn over without spilling anything.
The bottom of the base is designed to receive ballast in order to secure stability.
Any intervention can be carried out from behind, without ever looking at the sun, dispensing with the wearing of sunglasses.

The empty pot rises to 230°C in 10 minutes on average.
The heat is better distributed than on a flat dish, cooks without burning or sticking to the bottom of the dish.
Add ¼ hour per hour of conventional cooking time for a tasty result.
1 liter of boiling water = ½ hour.
For optimal function you need a beautiful blue sky.